From the Editors

The U.W.O. Journal of Anthropology takes a holistic approach to the discipline. The papers published in this journal display the forward thinking of the student's involved. Anthropologists are critically engaged with the world around them as well as reflexive in the way they conduct their research. This journal affords undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to not only publish original research, but also to become part of the editorial process.

In previous years Totem was run by a single editor-in-chiefwith graduate students from each sub-discipline acting as co-editors and undergraduates acting as assistant editors. This year it was decided to have two co-editors-in-chief; one representative ofbioarchaeology and the other from socio-culturaVlinguistics. This formula has been a success.

Thanks to all of the assistant editors; you did a great job and we really appreciated all of your help. This year's editorial staff was one of the largest in Totem history comprised of 28 people. Thanks to all who volunteered as this sped up the editing process and allowed us to complete Totem before the end of the school year.

We also wish to thank all who contributed to this years' volume; all of the papers we received were excellent and it was a challenge deciding which ones to publish. Congratulations to those whose work was chosen!

We would like to announce that as of this year, Totem is going live and will be available on-line through the Anthropology Society website. Thanks to Douglass S10Christian for being our website guru and making this possible. We would also like to thank Lisa Hodgetts and Adriana Premat for their help and support, as well as Dave Kanatawakhon for providing us with artwork for our cover. We hope you find the papers as interesting and enjoyable as we do.

Sherri Pearce and Melissa Stachel
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
March 2008



The Classic Maya Collapse
Christine Suck