From the Editor

This year's volume of TOTEM has truly been a team effort. A number of individuals have devoted many hours to the production of Volume 10, but also a number of other projects. Everyone deserves a great deal of credit for the success of TOTEM. However, as with everything, one person stands out: Kate Dougherty. Kate has spent a great deal of time updating the website, overseeing the production of Volume 10 and producing digital copies of TOTEM back issues. Without her help, all that has been accomplished would not have been possible. Thanks Kate.

TOTEM provides a number of individuals with opportunites to be involved in the publication process. Both graduate and undergraduate students participated in the production of TOTEM. The current volume developed and improved on the foundation provided by the outgoing editorial committee. Two graduate editors and one undergraduate assistant editor represent the subdisciplines of Archaeology, Physical anthropology and Socio-cultural anthropology. In addition, Linguistic anthropology has returned to TOTEM in this volume. The return of Linguistic anthropology is significant and highlights the importance of a four field approach. The Anthropology program at Western is committed to the four field approach and its journal shares that committment.

Being involved with TOTEM has been the highlight of my time at Western. Both as an undergraduate and a graduate at Western I have had the opportunity to be a part of TOTEM. The experiences gained through my involvement in TOTEM and the Anthropology Society will not soon be forgotten. It is my hope that TOTEM has gained from my involvement as much as I have gained from being a part of TOTEM. The process of publication can be challenging and a little frustrating, but for the most part, rewarding. I hope that each of those who participated in the publication process, contributors, producers and editors, have gained something valuable for the future.

The quality of writing and originality are a reflection of the Anthropology program at Western. The faculty at Western not only teach and encourage us, they inspire us. TOTEM and the Anthropology Society are a valuable part of Anthropology at Western. Both TOTEM and the Anthropology Society allow students the opportunity to interact with each other, to share their ideas, to support and encourage one another.

James T. Sherratt
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
April 3, 2002



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Tracey Burley-Jones


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