Submission Policy ( For Paper Submission Style Guide, see Guidelines & Resources )

  • UWOJA accepts papers originally written for courses, as well as any other original anthropological work. Articles can cover any anthropological topic, issue, question, critique, or other unique perspective or experience.
  • All works submitted to UWOJA must be previously unpublished
  • All submitted works are subject to our peer-review process.
  • Your paper must be submitted in a timely manner, and if accepted, you must complete any changes the co-editors require before it will be published.
  • Authors agree to grant UWOJA exclusive first publication rights, but the author can later republish their work as long as it is accompanied by a citation referring to UWOJA.

Peer-Review Policy

Peer-reviewer positions are open to both undergraduate and graduate students in the Anthropology Department at UWO. We welcome students with an interest in gaining editing and review experience and we strive to have a large and varied pool of reviewers with expertise on a range of issues and topics. In order to provide fair and constructive feedback to their peers, we require that all peer-reviewers attend a session designed to help provide effective reviews and ensure all reviewers understand UWOJA’s goals and scope.

Editorial Board Policy

UWOJA’s two co-editors ideally represent each of the two major streams in the UWO Anthropology Department: archaeology/bioarchaeology and linguistic/socio-cultural. Their position runs from May - April, and are selected through an interview and voting process by graduate members of the Anthropology Department.

Prior to the online publishing of UWOJA, UWOJA retained the copyright to all volumes and their contents. Now, publishing in UWOJA does not require a copyright transfer and the author retains the copyright of the article; this policy applies retroactively to all past issues of UWOJA. In addition, the author must grant the first publication rights of the article to UWOJA and agree to adopt a Creative Commons license for the article in order to facilitate knowledge sharing.

The license specifies that:

• The author grants the permission for the reader to copy, distribute, and transmit the article.
• The reader must provide attribution to the author and UWOJA when reusing the article.
• The reader may not reuse the article for commercial purposes.
• The reader may not alter, translate, or build upon the article (e.g., creating an abridged version) without the author's permission.

The license ensures the widest dissemination of the article. UWOJA will generate license for the article automatically during the publication process. Should the author decide to re-publish the article elsewhere in the future, the author must acknowledge UWOJA as the source of first publication in the re-published version.

The author must also grant permission for UWOJA, Western Libraries, and The University of Western Ontario to archive the article online, to make it publicly accessible for download, and to preserve it for perpetual online access. The author will receive a statistics report by e-mail when the article is downloaded.

If a manuscript contains content of which the copyright is not owned by the author, it is the author’s responsibility to provide UWOJA with the copyright holder’s permission for reuse prior to the publication of the manuscript. Please note that quoting other articles with proper attribution to support arguments and/or analyses in the manuscript does not constitute copyright infringement.

Any personal information collected through the submission, review and acceptance processes will not be shared with any third-party entities not associated with UWOJA, Western Libraries or The University of Western Ontario. In addition, authors remain anonymous during the reviewing process.

Please contact the co-editors with any questions concerning these policies.