About This Journal

UWOJA is a peer-reviewed, student-run journal of anthropology published annually in association with the Anthropology Society and the Department of Anthropology at The University of Western Ontario (UWO). UWOJA (known as TOTEM until 2015) is currently on its 23rd volume; the first volume was published in 1994. UWOJA was the second most popular publication (second only to the electronic theses and dissertations) accessed at Western in April of 2012.

UWOJA’s mandate is to publish exceptional works of creative and original research by undergraduate and graduate students in any of the four sub-fields of anthropology including socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology, biological/physical anthropology, and linguistics. UWOJA is dedicated to providing a forum for undergraduates and graduate students in anthropology to present and discuss their work with their peers. Due to anthropology’s interdisciplinary nature, we invite students from other disciplines and institutions to submit papers of value or interest to anthropology and anthropologists.

Our editorial board consists of two Anthropology Department graduate students that are elected to act as co-editors, and our reviewers are drawn from all four fields of anthropology. This year's co-editors are Paulina Johnson, a socio-cultural anthropologist in the third year of her PhD, and Jordon Munizzi, a bioarchaeologist in the third year of his PhD.

Additionally, we have a large number of peer-reviewers from the undergraduate and graduate Anthropology Department that change every year. We work in conjunction with the undergraduate Anthropology Society at UWO and the Western Anthropology Graduate Society.

UWOJA is also pleased to feature the artwork of David Kanatawakhon-Maracle.

ISSN (Print): 1203-8830
ISSN (Online): 1925-8542