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Don Wright Faculty of Music


This introductory workshop will focus on using critical questioning techniques to encourage education students to think through different lenses when approaching education methods and pedagogy. Undergraduate education students, particularly music education students, often enter university with a desire to replicate an educational experience, program, or teacher they had as an elementary or secondary school student. The use of critical questioning will help students think outside this narrow box of experience and create space to consider in what ways we may be complicit in perpetuating norms that may not be inclusive of all students. Research indicates that the use of critical questioning promotes student reflexivity and engages students in higher level thinking (Abramo, 2015; Pagliaro, 2011; Yang, Newby, & Bill, 2005). In addition, this practice is important as education students and pre-service teachers with experience in critical questioning will have the tools necessary to promote critical thought and questioning in their own classrooms as educators. Although this content is specific to music education students, applications to educators in all subjects will also be acknowledged and facilitated in this workshop.

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