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There exist misconceptions regarding the objectives of language instruction and those of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Many language instructors teach the grammar rules of the target language expecting students to internalize knowledge and produce immediately. But research on SLA shows a different picture; there are different stages of language acquisition that should not be changed deliberately through instruction of some grammar rules before or instead of other ones (cf. Van Patten, 2010). It is not the case that all language instructors are aware of or familiar with linguistic research on SLA. Another major concern is that standardization of models on teaching meets the objectives of the institution, but not always the needs and demands of each learner. Each classroom can count on a diverse audience, different types of learners and therefore diverse expectations. This workshop is intended for language instructors, and could be adapted for instructors of other disciplines since the main principles acknowledged here apply in other learning scenarios (i.e. boost the amount of practice of the most complex issues, recognize the diverse audience). This workshop combines the situations described above – considering what research shows us about SLA and a diverse audience in a language classroom (e.g. Foreign language learners vs. Heritage speaker learners). It adapts a practice activity integrating SLA research, and two instruction approaches: one for a diverse audience, and the other focused on form.

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