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Attending post-secondary education is characterised by substantial challenges and transitions (Kitzrow, 2003). Moreover, mental health problems are prevalent among post secondary students and have increased in recent years (Hunt & Eisenberg, 2010). Training designed to help educators identify mental health problems has demonstrated efficacy (Askell-Williams, & Lawson, 2013), suggesting a need for the inclusion of mental health-informed teaching in post secondary education. Participants of this workshop will receive a brief introduction to the impact of mental health problems in post-secondary settings. Participants will also partake in informational video presentations, discussions of current post-secondary policies and their impact on student mental health, as well as role-play activities targeting strategies for safe and effective intervention. Student resources are included to guide participants in role play activities. Additional resources that provide psycho-education and strategies for the classroom are presented. Please note that facilitators that do not have a background in mental health may wish to present (and/or prepare for) this workshop with someone who has expertise in this area.

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