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Class participation and active engagement are both critical components for student success in a variety of classroom settings. This is especially true in philosophy classrooms where students are expected to develop and refine their ability to critically and productively engage with the literature being studied while also participating in conversations with their peers. Including participation expectations in classes is a common strategy, used by teachers, for developing and honing important skills in students. In requiring participation in their respective courses, teachers seek to refine and cultivate critical thinking and communication skills in their students. This workshop begins with an overview of research that, on the one hand, examines different strategies for effectively encouraging student participation and, on the other, also provides recommendations for broadening our definition of student participation in the classroom. Following the literature review, I will provide an active learning, self-assessment tool for evaluating course participation (this tool can be adapted to larger classroom settings and contexts, as well) that, I suggest, will be of benefit to teachers and students alike.

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