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Personalized and emergent instruction is an effective model for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and students to consider and use in their own teaching. This workshop utilizes yoga as an experiential and emergent model with ECEs to be reproduced for contextualized and meaningful learning in the early childhood environment. The workshop highlights how children’s literacy and personal development can be enhanced by yoga or other personalized sessions with one-time or multiple-session use.

As teachers, it can be advantageous when we bring personal interests into the teaching context. These personal interests can be seen as strengths, hooks, or ways of engaging others in our lessons as well as making learning contextualized and meaningful. We cannot be interested, knowledgeable and ‘strong’ in every area, but that should not prevent us from bringing in slices of interesting tidbits from many domains to personalize teaching with adults or children. This workshop utilizes yoga in the early child-centered education context to demonstrate how children and early childhood educators can experience literacy and personal development benefits either from a one–time exposure or from repetitive use of personalized sessions.

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