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Students often approach their Engineering professors and teaching assistants for help with their assignments during office hours. This practice can be a vital part of the student learning process, yet busy Professors and TAs too often simply provide students with the solution (or steps to the solution) instead of working with the student to ensure that they understand the material. Furthermore, Boyer et al (2010) have found that Professors and TAs often ask their students very few questions, especially when they have not been trained to do so. When Professors and TAs do ask students questions, they rarely ask the most beneficial types.

This workshop provides Engineering professors and teaching assistants with information, tools, and guidance to help students solve numerical problems without simply providing them with the entire solution. The focus here is on engaging students in the learning process by helping them ask questions that facilitate active learning. This workshop gives special consideration to creating questions that can be adjusted to accommodate students’ differing learning styles.

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