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Writing is a critical component in the field of engineering. Practicing engineers and engineering employers are keenly aware of the need to prepare undergraduate engineers for professional writing activities; however, the undergraduate engineering curriculum focuses almost exclusively on technical skills. Although writing activities are, in some cases, becoming increasingly integrated into the curriculum, writing is often viewed by undergraduates as a non-essential skill. This workshop could be delivered by either an engineering or a writing instructor and is designed to support an integrated engineering writing task such as a lab report, senior design project or journal article. By focusing on several pivotal writing skills that are appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate level engineering students, participants will receive practical strategies for building and crafting paragraphs and tools for self-editing tools to help increase the clarity of their writing. Although one writing seminar cannot address all of the issues and challenges of writing in engineering, it can provide an initial opportunity to create awareness of the importance of writing and provide practical resources to encourage continued growth.

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