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This workshop will begin to prepare instructors to use discovery-based learning methods in order to foster undergraduate education by deepening student learning and developing students’ written and verbal communication of their research experiences. Discovery-based learning is like problem-based learning in so far as students formulate a problem, investigate facts, generate a thesis, and test their theses against the evidence. However, discovery-based learning is more individualized because students do not respond to problems that are provided by the instructor, but rather generate their own questions in response to course material in dialogue with the instructor. These methods are based on theories of creativity that highlight the connections among creativity, meaningful inquiry, and self-expression. This workshop will review key elements of creativity in education and discovery-based learning, outline how they promote relevance and enjoyment of the course material, and consider ways to integrate them into classroom projects and activities. Participants will experience the application of discovery-based learning to group work, share with others their hopes and experiences of this kind of teaching and learning, become more familiar with the theory that supports this approach, and learn where to seek further information and activities.

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