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For years, teachers of English Composition have used individual student conferences to build on concepts taught in the classroom and to provide specific feedback on students’ writing. This approach to teaching writing has been very effective with composition students, but the concept has elements that would prove helpful to students and teachers outside of composition classes and into other disciplines as well. Individualized attention will benefit students in any area of study where writing assignments figure into course requirements; not just with respect to perfecting grammar and punctuation, but in generating ideas, methods of appropriate research, and the arrangement of information in a piece of writing. Meeting with an expert in the field assists students in gaining a deeper understanding of their subject matter as well as the requirements of the assignment in order to ensure success. Instructors are in a unique position to give meaningful guidance on specific projects to their students, and to ensure that concepts taught in the classroom are being understood. This workshop will introduce the concept of student conferencing along with the many ways in which it proves beneficial for students and also advantageous for instructors.

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