Teaching Innovation Projects


Graduate program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


This project aims to assist the development of a grading rubric for marking essays in a biomedical ethics course although the process outlined can be applied to any multi-TA course. Guaranteeing grading consistency across teaching assistants (TAs) in courses with multiples TAs is challenging. Multi-TA courses are particularly challenging to maintain the consistency among TAs in respect to, for instance, teaching strategies and grading essays. Past teaching experiences, educational background, teaching perspectives, gender, and cultural background are some reasons why inconsistencies happen.

In an attempt to overcome this challenge, this project proposes a session that brings together TAs and the course instructor to develop a grading rubric that both makes sense for all TAs and meets the instructor’s expectations of the content and format of the essay. It is true that TAs must have autonomy in terms of teaching strategies; however, some consistency in the grading process is necessary to guarantee fairness to all students. Research suggests that grading rubrics help TA to consistently mark students’ written assignments. Furthermore, rubrics help TAs to provide constructive feedback to students and guarantee that students know the how their assignments will be marked.

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