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Work Carried out by Demographers in the International Sphere


John Kelly

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John Kelly, worked in demography at Statistics Canada from 1972-1981, at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe from 1981-2003 and as a independent consultant primarily for the European Commission and the Council of Europe in Moldova and Kosovo from 2004 to present. BA in Sociology (UWO, 1968), MA in Sociology (UWO, 1970), PhD in Sociology (York University, 1978). Based on a career in demography at Statistics Canada and the UNECE, along with a wide range of professional contacts in the fields of demography and official statistics at the national and international level, John will provide some personal reflections on the different types of work opportunities available for demographers in the international sphere outside academia. He will also outline possible ways of trying to identify emerging short-term and long-term employment opportunities, obstacles and hurdles that generally have to be confronted, and possible ways of making an individual's candidacy appear more attractive to decision makers.


This was a presentation hosted by the Centre for Population, Aging, and Health at Western University.

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