MA Research Paper


Master of Arts




Wolfgang Lehmann

Delay of Publication



The number of international students in Canada continues to rise. Out of the 642,480 international students in Canada, 60% of them want to immigrate to Canada permanently after completing their studies (CBIE, 2018). Using data from a qualitative research study, I will discuss the transition of international students to university at a research institution in Southwestern Ontario. This paper focuses on their transition to Canada through their engagement with on-campus support services. The findings suggest very different levels of support in accessing resources within the International Student Centre compared to other student service offices on campus. Within the purview of the International Student Centre, the findings highlight the struggles that international students have to navigate the basic needs in their new country, including accessing their health care plan, phone plans, and bank accounts. However, students found that the International Student Centre was supportive. When engaging with resources outside of the International Student Centre, like career services, academic advising, and navigating the health care system, participants found themselves unsupported and confused. This study concludes that additional training for staff and faculty outside of the International Student Centre is necessary as the number of international students continues to rise.

Available for download on Wednesday, August 30, 2023