MA Research Paper


Sasha Koba


Master of Arts




Dr. Rachel Margolis


The existence of a healthy immigrant effect in which immigrants initially have a health advantage over the native-born is well established. As immigrants spend time in their host country, they adopt health behaviours and subsequently lose their health advantage. However, the causes of the decline in immigrants’ health as their time in Canada increases are not known. I examine the effect of six health determinants on immigrants’ deteriorating health in Canada. I also explore if there are gender differences in the deterioration of immigrants’ health. Additionally, I consider the possible association between immigrants’ length of time in Canada, their age and health deterioration. I find that six health behaviours account for some deterioration of immigrants’ health in Canada. I find evidence suggesting no gender differences in deterioration of immigrants’ health in Canada. Moreover, results indicate that there is a correlation between immigrants’ age, length of time in Canada, and health.

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