MA Research Paper


Intimate Partner Violence: Policy, Policing and Best Practices in Ontario


Master of Arts




Dr. Dale Ballucci


For over the last half century, intimate partner violence has been under the close scrutiny of the academic community, the general public, and the criminal justice system alike. The issue has prompted numerous research studies which in turn have brought about the establishment of IPV policing policies. This paper examines the relevance and implications of one such IPV policy, the Policing Standards Manual (2000), almost 20 years after its formation. Using a content-based policy analysis, this paper focuses on risk and training as two major themes representative of current IPV research trends. Findings suggest that although the existing IPV policy does maintain high standards for police conduct and procedure, it fails to adequately issues of risk assessment and universal officer training. Policies must be regularly assessed against current research to inform both present day policing practices as well as highlighting the need for any potential policy revisions.

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