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Master of Arts




Prof. Kim Shuey


This paper investigates the role of neoliberalism in the advocacy for and implementation of school choice in the United States. It applies conflict theory of education to the school choice debate and uses post-Katrina New Orleans as a case study of school choice implementation. It concludes that neoliberal and like-minded think-tanks, foundations, and lobby groups are involved in the advocacy for school choice in the United States because it assists them in furthering their goals of influencing whose values and ideals will be taught and whose children will land the desired jobs; thereby maintaining the capitalist status quo and enabling increasing profitability of the education sector at the expense of public education, students, teachers, unions, and others. The paper contributes to the sociology of education and enriches the conflict theory of education with a fourth assumption. It is relevant to sociologists of education, teachers, conflict theorists, and educational policy makers.

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