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Medical Crime: Occupational Crime At Its Worst


Crime is a topic that is often discussed among law-makers as well as members of the general public. That being said, there is an overwhelming focus on street crimes (e.g., theft, drug offences). Those crimes which occur in professional settings are not given as much attention. In this paper, one particular type of occupational crime is discussed. Medical crime is a type of occupational crime which includes a wide range of illegal activ- ities committed within the medical profession. Some of these include fee-splitting, taking or offering kickbacks, price-fixing, fraudulent billing, and performing unnecessary opera- tions that can cause serious harm. Minimal oversight and unsuitable punishment enable medical professionals to take advantage of their positions. As a result, medical crime is perpetuated. Due to the severity of the harm caused by these crimes and the lack of oversight in the medical profession, medical crime is arguably the most harmful type of occupational crime.

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