Sociological Imagination: Western’s Undergraduate Sociology Student Journal

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Gender: A Social Construction


The way society is taught to be socialized is salient and goes unnoticed, therefore it is valid to claim that gender is socially constructed through our everyday practices, whether we are aware of the construction or not. With socialization beginning the instant a child is born, the process is continuous through out adolescence and varies dramatically across the two genders. With guidance from institutions and arenas such as education, sports, music and the mass media gender seems to be coerced, as it comes with a scripted set of behaviors and attitudes. This essay argues that gender is socially constructed on an everyday basis. To further explain this thesis the essay will draw on early childhood socialization of masculinity and femininity, it will then examine the hegemonic male that is demonstrated through dominant music and sport forms. To finalize explanations for this thesis, the essay will conclude with an in depth analysis of constructions of femininity that exist in print media and that permeate the profession of female sports commentators.

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