Sociological Imagination: Western’s Undergraduate Sociology Student Journal

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Enjoying Retirement: A Qualitative Investigation of Retirement and Its Social Implications


This study examines the social experience of retirement. Research in the area of retirement is important due to the continuous aging of the world’s population. This qualitative research study focuses on answering the question: Is retirement an enjoyable social experience? Data was collected using several in-depth interviews and field observations. Purposive sampling was used to recruit interview participants who were 79, 91, and 92 years of age. Data was analyzed using an open coding system to identify recurring themes. The results of this study provide insight into the unique and personal experience of retirement. The study suggests that enjoyment of retirement is impacted by engagement in activities and marital status. In conclusion, this study found retirement to be an enjoyable social experience. The study also provides insight into the constantly changing struggles that retirees face. Finally, the concept of spousal loss is suggested for future research in the area of retirement.

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