Sociological Imagination: Western’s Undergraduate Sociology Student Journal

Article Title

The Spatiality of (In)justices


This essay explores the spatial dimension of human existence, arguing that spatial (in)justices are inextricably linked with both environmental and social (in)justices, and these injustices are embedded, in various ways, within rural and urban environments. Spatiality, formed in a fluid process that engages the social, the spatial, and the historical aspects of human life, is vastly undermined and under-represented both at the level of everyday consciousness, and in the realm of professional academia. Justice in terms of spatiality can only be achieved through social processes engaged in at will by social actors that work towards re-producing and re-defining spaces that reflect unrestrained human creativity and impulse. With a new spatial consciousness, socio-spatial justice can be achieved, and this socio-spatial re-shaping of one’s own life would lead to the transcendence of alienating forces, all the while crafting one’s life as a work of art.

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