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Publication Date

Fall 12-7-2018


SGPS9105: Collaborate for Community Impact

Community Partner

United Way Elgin Middlesex


The following report is an analysis of five summer camp programs in partnership with United Way Elgin Middlesex. The data were collected from the following summer camping programs: Boys and Girls Club of London (BGCL); Pearce Williams Summer Camp (PWSC); SARI Therapeutic Riding (SARI) ; Stevenson Children’s Camp (SCC); and YMCA Western Ontario (YMCA). The survey from which the data was gathered from was created to measure outcomes such as: Personal development, Self-confidence, Friendships, Fun and enjoyment The first part of the report combines all the camping programs for quantitative analysis by year – 2016, 2017 and 2018. The second part of the report discusses the 10 prevalent themes found within the qualitative data from the surveys.