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Winter 1-8-2019


Integrated Science 3002A: Science and the Community

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City of London -- Water Engineering Division


The City of London has a mandate to provide its residents with high grade water and yet there have been complaints concerning the impurities, otherwise known as residuals, and the overall quality. This paper delves into the truth about the contents of the municipal water system and what the effects of its components are to the London populace. A public survey asked residents questions about their concerns and water drinking habits. The survey pointed to concerns about fluoride, residual chlorine and overall taste of water among others. Fluoride is known to reduce tooth decay (CDC, 2018) and any negative consequences of fluoride ingestion are negligible due to the amount physically present in the water. Chlorine is in water to eliminate bacteria (WHO, 2017). Taste is the main deterring factor for residents not consuming municipal water. With consistent monitoring, there is no risk to the health and safety of London residents who consume municipal water.