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Spring 2018


Psychology 3317E: Community Psychology

Community Partner

City Art Centre


City Art Centre (CAC) is a non profit organization that offers assistance to adults with mental health challenges. Founded by a group of persons in recovery, CAC's main goal is to provide a safe, respectful space for expression through various forms of art. It is a space where peer support, fellowship and encouragement foster self-responsibility, facilitate recovery and improves quality of life. CAC is based on a peer support model and volunteer coordinators are responsible for the daily running of the centre. Volunteer coordinators receive a 'per diem' of $20 which acts as a recognition for their vital contributions to the centre. To continue to acknowledge the volunteer coordinators, CAC must seek additional funding. This report contains all the relevant information for the completion of the year long project to secure additional funding from several organizations for the continuation of CAC's volunteer coordinator program. Students completed four grant applications and compiled information to be used by CAC in writing future grants.