Communication Sciences and Disorders Publications


Research in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders includes a wide range of topics in areas such as normal and disordered speech production and perception, language disorders, swallowing, hearing by normally hearing and hearing impaired listeners, and the causes and treatment of hearing loss.


Submissions from 2021

Investigating the Role of Inattention and/or Hyperactivity/impulsivity in Language and Social Functioning Using a Dimensional Approach, Kaitlyn M.A. Parks, Janis E.Oram Cardy, Tiffany G. Woynaroski, Claudia G. Sehl, and Ryan A. Stevenson

Submissions from 2020


Analysis of the quality of online resources for parents of children who are late to talk, Caitlin Coughler, Shauna M Burke, and Janis Oram Cardy


Using implementation science to engage stakeholders and improve outcome measurement in a preschool speech-language service system, Barbara Jane Cunningham and Janis Oram Cardy


Effectiveness of a parent-implemented language intervention for late-to-talk children: a real-world retrospective clinical chart review, Elaine Y.L. Kwok, Barbara Jane Cunningham, and Janis Oram Cardy


Selecting and tailoring implementation interventions: A concept mapping approach, Elaine Yuen Ling Kwok, Sheila T.F. Moodie, Barbara Jane Cunningham, and Janis E. Oram Cardy


Lessons learned in practice-based research: Studying language interventions for young children in the real world, Rachael E. Smyth, Julie Theurer, Lisa M.D. Archibald, and Janis Oram Cardy

Submissions from 2019


The consistency and cognitive predictors of children's oral language, reading, and math learning profiles, Lisa M.D. Archibald, Janis Oram Cardy, Daniel Ansari, Thomas Olino, and Marc F. Joanisse

The speech-language pathologist's role in supporting the development of self-regulation: A review and tutorial, Amanda V. Binns, Lynda R. Hutchinson, and Janis Oram Cardy

Barriers to implementing evidence-based assessment procedures: Perspectives from the front lines in pediatric speech-language pathology, Barbara Jane Cunningham, Olivia May Daub, and Janis Oram Cardy

Exploring participation and impairment-based outcomes for Target Word™: A parent-implemented intervention for preschoolers identified as late-to-talk, Barbara Jane Cunningham, Elaine Kwok, Cindy Earle, and Janis Oram Cardy

Establishing consensus among community clinicians on how to categorize and define preschoolers’ speech and language impairments at assessment, Barbara Jane Cunningham, Elaine Kwok, Lyn Turkstra, and Janis Oram Cardy

Validity evidence for the littlEARS early speech production questionnaire: An english-speaking, canadian sample, Olivia Daub, Janis Oram Cardy, Andrew M. Johnson, and Marlene P. Bagatto


A comment on test validation: The importance of the clinical perspective, Olivia Daub, Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle, Marlene P. Bagatto, Andrew M. Johnson, and Janis Oram Cardy


Dynamics of spontaneous alpha activity correlate with language ability in young children, Elaine Y.L. Kwok, Janis Oram Cardy, Brian L. Allman, Prudence Allen, and Björn Herrmann

Submissions from 2018


Immature auditory evoked potentials in children with moderate–severe developmental language disorder, Elaine Y.L. Kwok, Marc F. Joanisse, Lisa M.D. Archibald, and Janis Oram Cardy


Maturation in auditory event-related potentials explains variation in language ability in children, Elaine Y.L. Kwok, Marc F. Joanisse, Lisa M.D. Archibald, Margot E. Stothers, Heather M. Brown, and Janis Oram Cardy

Submissions from 2017


Phase 2 of CATALISE: a multinational and multidisciplinary Delphi consensus study of problems with language development: Terminology, Dorothy V.M. Bishop, Margaret J. Snowling, Paul A. Thompson, and Trisha Greenhalgh

Language outcomes in children who are deaf and hard of hearing: The role of language ability before hearing aid intervention, Olivia Daub, Marlene P. Bagatto, Andrew M. Johnson, and Janis Oram Cardy


Testing the accuracy of timing reports in visual timing tasks with a consumer-grade digital camera, Rachael E. Smyth, Janis Oram Cardy, and David Purcell

Submissions from 2016


CATALISE: A multinational and multidisciplinary Delphi consensus study. Identifying language impairments in children, D. V.M. Bishop, Margaret J. Snowling, Paul A. Thompson, Trisha Greenhalgh, Catherine Adams, Lisa Archibald, Gillian Baird, Ann Bauer, Jude Bellair, Christopher Boyle, Elizabeth Brownlie, Glenn Carter, Becky Clark, Judy Clegg, Nancy Cohen, Gina Conti-Ramsden, Julie Dockrell, Janet Dunn, Susan Ebbels, Aoife Gallagher, Simon Gibbs, Emma Gore-Langton, Mandy Grist, Mary Hartshorne, Alison Hüneke, Marc Joanisse, Sally Kedge, Thomas Klee, Saloni Krishnan, Linda Lascelles, James Law, and Laurence Leonard

Submissions from 2015

Meta-analysis of receptive and expressive language skills in autism spectrum disorder, Elaine Y.L. Kwok, Heather M. Brown, Rachael E. Smyth, and Janis Oram Cardy

Nonverbal learning disabilities and asperger syndrome in young adults: Vocabulary, gestalts, and social perception, M. E. Stothers and J. Oram Cardy

Submissions from 2012


The Effects of Word Length, Articulation, Oral-motor Movement, and Lexicality on Gait: A Pilot Study, K. L. Davie, Janis E. Oram Cardy, J. D. Holmes, M. Gagnon, A. Hyde, M. E. Jenkins, and Andrew M. Johnson

Submissions from 2011


Stuttered Swallowing: Electric Stimulation of the Right Insula Interferes with Water Swallowing. A Case Report, Peter Sörös, Faisal Al-Otaibi, Savio W. H. Wong, J. Kevin Shoemaker, Seyed M. Mirsattari, Vladimir Hachinski, and Ruth E. Martin

Submissions from 2010


The Contribution of Processing Impairments to SLI: Insights from Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Janis E. Oram Cardy, Rosemary Tannock, Andrew M. Johnson, and Carla J. Johnson