Communication Sciences and Disorders Publications


Research in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders includes a wide range of topics in areas such as normal and disordered speech production and perception, language disorders, swallowing, hearing by normally hearing and hearing impaired listeners, and the causes and treatment of hearing loss.


Submissions from 2012


The Effects of Word Length, Articulation, Oral-motor Movement, and Lexicality on Gait: A Pilot Study, K. L. Davie, Janis E. Oram Cardy, J. D. Holmes, M. Gagnon, A. Hyde, M. E. Jenkins, and Andrew M. Johnson

Submissions from 2011


Stuttered Swallowing: Electric Stimulation of the Right Insula Interferes with Water Swallowing. A Case Report, Peter Sörös, Faisal Al-Otaibi, Savio W. H. Wong, J. Kevin Shoemaker, Seyed M. Mirsattari, Vladimir Hachinski, and Ruth E. Martin

Submissions from 2010


The Contribution of Processing Impairments to SLI: Insights from Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Janis E. Oram Cardy, Rosemary Tannock, Andrew M. Johnson, and Carla J. Johnson


Dual-task Interference: The Effects of Verbal Cognitive Tasks on Upright Postural Stability in Parkinson's Disease, J. D. Holmes, M. E. Jenkins, Andrew M. Johnson, S. G. Adams, and S. J. Spaulding


Features and Impacts of Five Multidisciplinary Community-university Research Partnerships, Gillian King, Michelle Servais, Cheryl Forchuk, Heather Chalmers, Melissa Currie, Mary Law, Jacqueline Specht, Peter Rosenbaum, Teena Willoughby, and Marilyn Kertoy

Submissions from 2009


A Measure of Community Members’ Perceptions of the Impacts of Research Partnerships in Health and Social Services, Gillian King, Michelle Servais, Marilyn Kertoy, Jacqueline Specht, Melissa Currie, Peter Rosenbaum, Mary Law, Cheryl Forchuk, Heather Chalmers, and Teena Willoughby

Submissions from 2007


Measurement Practices in Pediatric Rehabilitation A Survey of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists in Ontario, Steven E. Hanna, Dianne J. Russell, Doreen J. Bartlett, Marilyn Kertoy, Peter L. Rosenbaum, and Kerry Wynn

Submissions from 2006


Short-term and Working Memory in Children with Specific Language Impairment, Lisa M. D. Archibald


A Meeting of Minds: Interdisciplinary Research in the Health Sciences in Canada, Judith G. Hall, Lesley Bainbridge, Alison Buchan, Alastair Cribb, Jane Drummond, Carlton Gyles, T. Philip Hicks, Carol McWilliam, Barbara Paterson, Pamela A. Ratner, Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle, and Patty Solomon