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Participation House Support Services (PHSS) is a non-profit organization with over 60 locations across Ontario that serves individuals with complex medical, physical, and developmental needs with the goal of including them in the community. The scope of the project covers members of the PHSS organization and the London community that they serve by addressing problems with burnout and culture of resentment that the Coordinators of the organization face. After initial discussions with the community partner, qualitative research was done via focus groups with PHSS Coordinators and training staff. An agreed-upon solution of restructuring the training process was developed, as training is a heavy task for Coordinators in addition to their daily patient-centered responsibilities. Currently, training occurs for one day at their Project Hope location prior to new hires entering specific PHSS locations. This has caused issues with information overload and unmatched expectations. The outcome of this project is to add an additional day of training at Project Hope so new hires are better trained and more knowledgeable before entering locations to engage in patient-centered training. Although not all training processes are feasible to delegate to Project Hope, most of the administrative tasks offloaded from the Coordinators should result in less burnout and a more positive culture for the organization. In addition, a feedback form will be created to gauge the effectiveness of the deliverable. The new training structure will be piloted for 20 new hires and additional videos will be added prior to implementing it across all 60+ PHSS locations.