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Body image refers to the way we perceive our bodies, and it can positively or negatively impact physical and mental health (Alleva et al., 2015). Unfortunately, negative body image is becoming more common with some studies finding that 65% of young people are dissatisfied with their bodies (Linardon et al., 2021). This can lead to a variety of psychological and behavioral problems and disorders such as body dysmorphia or eating disorders (Alleva et al., 2015). However, many of these consequences associated with negative body image can be circumvented by learning to foster positive body images through building self-esteem (Jessie’s Legacy, 2017). In partnership with the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario, we have developed a two-part Discovering Body Positivity and Self-Image workshop that will be offered to the London community online in a mentor-mentee setting. The goal is to enable people of different ages, races, and genders to identify negative self-concepts about their body image and learn strategies to promote a positive body image as well as coping mechanisms for resilience.