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Our team worked with the Unity Project, a registered charity in London that provides emergency shelter and supportive housing, to address the current needs of the organization based on a research and evidence-based approach. Specifically, we aimed to support their goals relating to the need for improved affordable housing solutions in London and the current divide between the different stakeholders involved. We provided two main deliverables: a) a report and slide deck that outline the positions of key stakeholders involved with affordable housing, and b) a set of three infographics that provide information that connects the homeless community to useful resources. Our report and slide deck contain an investigation of the objectives and incentives of the companies, non-profit organizations, general population, and government with regards to the current policies surrounding affordable housing. It provides the most value to the Unity Project as a handbook that can inform common ground with external stakeholders. We hope the information provided will be useful in pursuing a better transition for the organization’s participants into effective affordable housing solutions. Our infographics contain resources that the homeless community can directly access to support their needs, including job-related resources, relevant charities, and government resources. The infographics are easy to distribute online or on-paper and are made accessible through simplicity and the inclusion of relevant contact information. Based on our outcomes, we recommend that future projects facilitate direct communication to relevant stakeholders with practical steps to improve the affordable housing problem.