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Cancer is one of the largest human health problems faced globally. Therefore, it is an important focus of research for many disciplines. Cancer research has made significant advancements as clinicians and researchers have expanded their knowledge to better understand this complex disease. Throughout this semester we completed a community engagement learning (CEL) project with the Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT) team from the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) to promote cancer research amongst adolescents and the general public. We completed blog posts for their website, along with promotional material for their Let’s Talk Cancer (LTC) event and infographics for their social media channels. Blogs were designed to engage adolescents in cancer research and related careers. Promotional material was generated to attract high school students to the event, where they can engage in cancer-related workshops and learn about the emerging fields of cancer research. Lastly, infographics were created for a general audience to summarize research on common cancers.