SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Publications

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Winter 2020


My report documents my internship experience at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery in Sarnia, Ontario. The report describes the progression of my internship from the first meeting, through my internship, to the final presentation of the experience. I reflect on the behind-the-scenes experience I had at working in a prestigious local art gallery. I describe researching and crafting social media posts for the permanent collection and for a travelling exhibition. I also go on to recount my experience in creating my main deliverable: an exhibition. The report explains the development of my exhibition proposals and my presentation at an Artistic Planning Meeting. I use a creative approach in describing my experiences while being honest about my perspective and addressing my own bias. I reflect on my post-secondary education, specifically my SASAH courses, in relation to my internship and how I grow as a result of the combination. My report describes my fears at the beginning of the internship which grew to an appreciation over the course of the internship and the delivery of the final presentation.