SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Publications

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Spring 2020


This report and accompanying presentation will offer a detailed description of the Experiential Learning placement that I participated in to complete my 1.0 credit requirement for Western University’s SASAH undergraduate program. The report will provide a summary of my placement, which took place at Western International under a work-study program, as an International Learning Ambassador Team Leader. It will also offer a reflection and analysis of the work I accomplished while completing my experiential-learning placement, focusing on four specific highlights from the year. This report will also discuss the challenges that I faced and overcame during the process, outlining specific skills that I accrued as a result. Finally, it will explain the educational value of my experiential learning placement at Western International and the relevance of my SASAH education in my overall experience. I will end the report by touching upon any recommendations that I have for future students who may be interested in completing a placement as a Team Leader at Western International. To provide additional background and context, I included in this report several artifacts portraying myself in real, on-site experiences at my placement. The final section of this report will discuss my methodology while creating and delivering a presentation about my placement, and it will also include the script that I followed while delivering the presentation.