SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Presentations

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Fall 11-2020


In my second year of university, I joined an on-campus magazine, Iconoclast, as an assistant director. In my third year, I continued with Iconoclast as a director and started another internship with the London Children's Connection. Both projects have shown the effects of different language choice. With Iconoclast, I learned the importance of taking a less academic writing approach in theme descriptions and editors' letters. A neutral tone reaches a wider audience and ensures that readers from any background gain a full understanding of our theme. At the London Children's Connection, a simple change in choice of words can improve children's problem-solving ability and their overall awareness of their surroundings.

Embracing the collective aspect of Iconoclast created an extremely powerful publication in response to the ongoing racial injustices in North America. By inviting the entire team to help with the theme, the focus shifted from only three directors (and three ideas) to one group collaboration, adding to the diversity and strength of the magazine.

I have also gained overall confidence in any workspace. As interns, it can be intimidating to suggest new ideas, especially when there is an already functional structure in place. In times of stress, the SASAH reflections help me take notice of all the accomplishments I have made this far. Our ideas as students and interns are equally as valuable, deserve to be shared, and bring positive change to the structures in place.