Books from 2020

Indigenous Student Housing, Victoria Bomberry

Indigenous Curriculum & Learning Project, Camille Di Iulio

Indigenous Story Telling and the Connections made to the Kanuhelatuksla, Sasha Doxtator

Diabetes in Indigenous Populations – a Medical School Teaching Case, Joyla Furlano and Eli Chappell

First Nations Community of Inquiry and Praxis, Tara Hedican and Joette Lefebvre

Pre-colonial Indigenous Education, Wanda King

Indigenous Cultural Safety Audit, Evan Michaelson

Microplastics, Genotoxicity, and Mutagenesis, Amanda Morin

Annotated Bibliography, Mini-U, and Tracing the Indigenous Experience in Medical Training, Jacob Renaud

Books from 2019


Examining Indigenous Learner Recruitment and Retention Strategies through an Environmental Scan of Canadian Medical Schools, Sebastian Deagle


Microgrid Technology and the Arctic: Green Renewable Technology Does Relate to the Land, Gerry Dell


Indigenous Astronomy as told by the Haudenosaunee, Sasha Doxtator


Interdisciplinary Lens on Indigenous Health Iniquities: Planning, Nursing, Anthropology, Geography, Education, Chantal Francouer, Alana Kehoe, Ivy Tran, Steven Vanloffeld, Lillian Woroniuk, and Jacob Renaud


The Application of Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Riley Kennedy


Real Life Sociology: A Canadian Approach, Kristin Longdo and Anabel Quan-Haase


Indigenous Representation in Cinema, Nathaniel Ninham


SFNS Household Economic Leakage Project, Elissa Noah