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Magnetic resonance in medicine : official journal of the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine / Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

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PURPOSE: Real-time monitoring of dynamic magnetic fields has recently become a commercially available option for measuring MRI k-space trajectories and magnetic fields induced by eddy currents in real time. However, for accurate image reconstructions, sub-microsecond synchronization between the MRI data and field dynamics (ie, k-space trajectory plus other spatially varying fields) is required. In this work, we introduce a new model-based algorithm to automatically perform this synchronization using only the MRI data and field dynamics.

METHODS: The algorithm works by enforcing consistency among the MRI data, field dynamics, and receiver sensitivity profiles by iteratively alternating between convex optimizations for (a) the image and (b) the synchronization delay. A healthy human subject was scanned at 7 T using a transmit-receive coil with integrated field probes using both single-shot spiral and EPI, and reconstructions with various synchronization delays were compared with the result of the proposed algorithm. The accuracy of the algorithm was also investigated using simulations, in which the acquisition delays for simulated acquisitions were determined using the proposed algorithm and compared with the known ground truth.

RESULTS: In the in vivo scans, the proposed algorithm minimized artifacts related to synchronization delay for both spiral and EPI acquisitions, and the computation time required was less than 30 s. The simulations demonstrated accuracy to within tens of nanoseconds.

CONCLUSIONS: The proposed algorithm can automatically determine synchronization delays between MRI data and field dynamics measured using a field probe system.

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