RDC@Western Research Highlights


This Research Highlight draws on the article by Nelson C., St. Cyr K., Corbett B., Hurley E., Gifford S.M., Elhai J.D., & Richardson J.D. (2011). “Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation among Canadian Forces Personnel in a National Canadian Military Health Survey,” Journal of Psychiatric Research 45(11): 1483-1488.

It was prepared by Sarah Fortin, Knowledge Transfer Coordinator at The Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN), an infrastructure created to improve researchers’ access to Statistics Canada detailed micro-data, to expand the pool of skilled quantitative researchers and to improve communication between social scientists and research users.

Data were accessed and the analysis done at the University of Western Ontario Research Data Centre.

The video of a presentation about this study is embedded below.

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