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Item Generation and Pilot Testing of the Comprehensive Professional Behaviours Development Log

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Summer 2006


Journal of Allied Health





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The purpose of this project was to generate and refine criteria for professional behaviors previously identified to be important for physical therapy practice and to develop and pilot test a new instrument, which we have called the Comprehensive Professional Behaviours Development Log (CPBDL). Items were generated from our previous work, the work of Warren May and his colleagues, a competency profile for entry-level physical therapists, our regulatory code of ethics, and an evaluation of clinical performance. A group of eight people, including recent graduates, clinical instructors and professional practice leaders, and faculty members, refined the items in two iterations using the Delphi process. The CPBDL contains nine key professional behaviors with a range of nine to 23 specific behavioral criteria for individuals to reflect on and to indicate the consistency of performance from a selection of "not at all," "sometimes," and "always" response options. Pilot testing with a group of 42 students in the final year of our entry-to-practice curriculum indicated that the criteria were clear, the measure was feasible to complete in a reasonable time frame, and there were no ceiling or floor effects. We believe that others, including health care educators and practicing professionals, might be interested in adapting the CPBDL in their own settings to enhance the professional behaviors of either students in preparation for entry to practice or clinicians wishing to demonstrate continuing competency to professional regulatory bodies.

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