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Undergraduate Thesis

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Spring 5-15-2020


Undergraduate Honours Theses


Extracurricular involvement is a large part of the undergraduate student experience. Mental health can be affected when students are both mandated and encouraged to meet certain requirements, whether they are for an academic program or for experience and well-being. The current study was designed to analyze the relationship between extracurricular participation and well-being. The sample included 70 undergraduate students from the University of Western Ontario. Several hypotheses were proposed based on the type of extracurricular activity and well-being measure. The findings supported two out of the five hypotheses advanced, but also produced several other noteworthy findings. The most significant variable related to overall well-being was quality of sleep. Further, having part-time jobs was associated with higher depression scores. Future research is needed to establish the effects of each type and level of extracurricular involvement on one’s well-being.


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Dr. Mark Cole and Dr. Tara Dumas

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