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Undergraduate Thesis

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Spring 5-15-2018


Undergraduate Honours Theses


A prior study found that role-playing exercises might have the capacity to reduce people’s fear (Giulietti, 2017). The present experiment was designed to replicate, improve upon, and extend the results of the prior study. Participants were randomly assigned to role-play either as a brave and powerful wizard or an ordinary accountant before playing the computer horror game, Slender: The Eight Pages. While participants played, they imagined themselves as their respective role-play character, were observed for their bravery and motivation to complete the game’s objective, and had their skin conductance measured. No significant differences were found between conditions and the prior study’s results were not replicated. Recommendations for future research involving role-playing, computer games, and skin conductance are provided.


Thesis Advisor: Dr. Tara M. Dumas

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Psychology Commons