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"Escalating Russian Cyber Attacks Could Risk Widening the War in Ukraine" by R. Atkinson and E. Simpson discusses the increasing cyber operations conducted by Russia against Ukraine. It details numerous cyber attacks on Ukrainian government networks and critical infrastructure, including the deployment of destructive malware such as WhisperGate and FoxBlade. These operations are part of a coordinated effort between cyber and conventional military strategies. The document emphasizes the need for NATO and its allies to enhance their cyber defenses to counter these threats and prevent potential escalation of the conflict beyond Ukraine's borders .

The document "New Ways Forward to Promote Peace in the Face of Russia's Invasion" by Erika Simpson discusses the geopolitical implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and suggests strategies for promoting peace. It emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to NATO expansion and defense spending, highlighting the importance of diplomatic efforts and international cooperation. The document also explores Canada's role in supporting Ukraine and the broader implications for global security .


First published in The Hill Times, Canada' foremost foreign and defense policy magazine.

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