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We introduce the Special Issue on Life Science in Politics: Methodological Innovations and Political Issues. This issue of Politics and the Life Sciences is focused on the use of life science theory and methods to study political phenomena and the exploration of the intersection of science and political attitudes. This issue is the third in a series of special issues funded by the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences that adheres to the Open Science Framework for registered reports. Pre-analysis plans are peer reviewed and given in-principle acceptance before data are collected and/or analyzed, and the articles are published contingent upon the preregistration of the study being followed as proposed. We note various interpretations and challenges associated with studying the science of politics and discuss the contributions.

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Friesen, Amanda, Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz, and Rose McDermott. 2022. “Introduction to the Special Issue -- Science in Politics: Methodological Innovations and Political Issues.” Politics and the Life Sciences. 41(2): 155-160.

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