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Master of Arts


Political Science


Morrison, Bruce W.


Drone warfare and artificial intelligence have considerably shaped cybersecurity and international law over the years. The rapid growth of technology has slowly forced entry into the international and domestic affairs of states. How countries conduct surveillance and practice defence does not look the way it did many years ago. One must observe how the rule of law is affected by technological advancement at the international level where many complexities are seen to rise to the surface. Balancing domestic and international law comes into question when drones and artificial intelligence become key components in state affairs that transcend geographical borders. This literature review will be concerned with, and will conduct an analysis of the effect international law has on drone warfare and the use of artificial intelligence in the international arena. More precisely, the idea of boundaries will be explored in full detail as the concept of sovereignty gets questioned in light of drone use in international affairs. The core of the research will revolve around the question of, how does international law affect drone warfare and use of artificial intelligence? The strength of international law is put to the test as technological developments have made way in international circumstances.