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Master of Arts


Political Science


Harmes, Adam


This paper explores the CHIPS and Science Act in the United States. The microchip is extremely crucial to the function of technology as a whole, and its global supply chain is monopolized by countries such as the US, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan. The industry is fierce in competition, and holds many implications within political science, and international relations. The CHIPS Act is an Act that allocates funding toward the re-shoring efforts to manufacture and research the microchip on US territory. This paper explores the history leading up to the CHIPS Act, as well as the reasoning behind the sudden re-shoring efforts. It argues that national security concerns are the main reason behind the Act, compared to the economy. Furthermore, the paper looks at the existing literature, and identifies the areas in need for future research. Ultimately, this paper explores the CHIPS Act, and its implications in the microchip industry.