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Master of Arts


Political Science


Dyczok, Marta


War, violence, and fear of persecution are three main reasons to seek asylum. Syria has been experiencing an ongoing civil war since 2011 which has resulted in the external displacement of over 6.5 million Syrians. The value that refugees bring to a nation is more than a statistic, but rather refugees help establish the growth and diversity of a nation, contribute to the economy and most importantly, they are guaranteed protection from persecution, war and violence. Asylum seekers benefit from the refugee status they gain upon entry into Canada along with the many welfare services to help their transition to resettlement. In 2015, the Canadian Liberal Party announced that they would expand Canada’s refugee intake of Syrian refugees and admit 25,000 to permanently reside in Canada. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the Syrian refugee experience and identify whether the Syrian refugee transition to Canada in 2015 led to a prosperous or difficult struggle in the search for a new and meaningful life. This will be done through examining the income and housing situations. Furthermore, this paper will attempt to pursue the question of what the female Syrian refugee resettlement conditions in Canada are through the perspective of settlement programs. Finally, and how do pre-migration conditions impact the mental health conditions that Syrian refugees experience throughout their resettlement to Canada and how does that hinder their transition?