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The research in Physics and Astronomy encompasses studies from the grand scale of planetary formation the slightest shifts in atmospheric pressure. Areas of study include star formation, astronomic theory, theoretical and experimental nanotechnology and medical physics.

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Submissions from 2022

Hourglass magnetic field from a survey of current density profiles, Gianfranco Bino, Shantanu Basu, Mahmoud Sharkawi, and Indrani Das


Complex energies and the Lambert W function, A Das, B.G. Sidharth, K. Roberts, and Sree Ram Valluri


A Mathematical Model of COVID-19 Transmission, R. Jayatilaka, R. Patel, M. Brar, Y. Tang, N.M. Jisrawi, Farrukh Chishtie, J. Drozd, and Sree Ram Valluri

Submissions from 2021


Distances to Galactic X-ray binaries with Gaia DR2, R. M. Arnason, H. Papei, P. Barmby, A. Bahramian, and M. D. Gorski

Fitting an Analytic Magnetic Field to a Prestellar Core, Gianfranco Bino and Shantanu Basu

Effect of mass-loss due to stellar winds on the formation of supermassive black hole seeds in dense nuclear star clusters, Arpan Das, Dominik R.G. Schleicher, Shantanu Basu, and Tjarda C.N. Boekholt

Linear Stability Analysis of a Magnetic Rotating Disk with Ohmic Dissipation and Ambipolar Diffusion, Indrani Das and Shantanu Basu

Variation of the core lifetime and fragmentation scale in molecular clouds as an indication of ambipolar diffusion, Indrani Das, Shantanu Basu, and Philippe André

Supermassive Star Formation in Magnetized Atomic-cooling Gas Clouds: Enhanced Accretion, Intermittent Fragmentation, and Continuous Mergers, Shingo Hirano, Masahiro N. Machida, and Shantanu Basu


Gibbs point process model for young star clusters in M33, Dayi Li and Pauline Barmby

Magnetic Properties of Star-forming Dense Cores, Philip C. Myers and Shantanu Basu


The HASHTAG Project: The First Submillimeter Images of the Andromeda Galaxy from the Ground, Matthew W.L. Smith, Stephen A. Eales, Thomas G. Williams, Bumhyun Lee, Zongnan Li, Pauline Barmby, Martin Bureau, Scott Chapman, Brian S. Cho, Aeree Chung, Eun Jung Chung, Hui Hsuan Chung, Christopher J.R. Clark, David L. Clements, Timothy A. Davis, Ilse De Looze, David J. Eden, Gayathri Athikkat-Eknath, George P. Ford, Yu Gao, Walter Gear, Haley L. Gomez, Richard De Grijs, Jinhua He, Luis C. Ho, Thomas M. Hughes, Sihan Jiao, Zhiyuan Li, and Francisca Kemper


Fourier transform of the continuous gravitational wave signal, Sree Ram Valluri, V. Dergachev, X. Zhang, and Farrukh Chishtie

Submissions from 2020


Identifying new X-ray binary candidates in M31 using random forest classification, R. M. Arnason, P. Barmby, and N. Vulic


Lambert W function methods in double square well and waveguide problems, Narola Harsh Bharatbhai, P C Deshmukh, Robert B. Scott, Ken Roberts, and Sree Ram Valluri

A multiple power-law distribution for initial mass functions, Christopher Essex, Shantanu Basu, Janett Prehl, and Karl Heinz Hoffmann


Evidence for coupling of evolved star atmospheres and spiral arms of the milky way, Mark D. Gorski and Pauline Barmby

The Effect of Misalignment between the Rotation Axis and Magnetic Field on the Circumstellar Disk, Shingo Hirano, Yusuke Tsukamoto, Shantanu Basu, and Masahiro N. MacHida

Different modes of star formation - II. Gas accretion phase of initially subcritical star-forming clouds, Masahiro N. Machida and Shantanu Basu

Using the Modified Lognormal Power-law Distribution to Model the Mass Function of NGC 1711, Deepakshi Madaan, Sophia Lianou, and Shantanu Basu

Magnetic Field Structure in Spheroidal Star-forming Clouds. II. Estimating Field Structure from Observed Maps, Philip C. Myers, Ian W. Stephens, Sayantan Auddy, Shantanu Basu, Tyler L. Bourke, Charles L.H. Hull, and Charles L.H. Hull

Submissions from 2019

Probing the cold magnetised Universe with SPICA-POL (B-BOP), Ph André, A. Hughes, V. Guillet, F. Boulanger, A. Bracco, E. Ntormousi, D. Arzoumanian, A. J. Maury, J. Ph Bernard, S. Bontemps, I. Ristorcelli, J. M. Girart, F. Motte, K. Tassis, E. Pantin, T. Montmerle, D. Johnstone, S. Gabici, A. Efstathiou, S. Basu, M. Béthermin, H. Beuther, J. Braine, J. Di Francesco, E. Falgarone, K. Ferrière, A. Fletcher, M. Galametz, M. Giard, P. Hennebelle, and A. Jones


Multiwavelength survey of X-ray sources in the sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy, R. M. Arnason, P. Barmby, A. Bahramian, T. J. Maccarone, and S. E. Zepf

The Transition from a Lognormal to a Power-law Column Density Distribution in Molecular Clouds: An Imprint of the Initial Magnetic Field and Turbulence, Sayantan Auddy, Shantanu Basu, and Takahiro Kudoh

Magnetic Field Structure of Dense Cores Using Spectroscopic Methods, Sayantan Auddy, Philip C. Myers, Shantanu Basu, Jorma Harju, Jaime E. Pineda, and Rachel K. Friesen