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HealtheSteps is a pragmatic, evidence-based lifestyle prescription program aimed at reducing the rates of chronic disease, in particular, type 2 diabetes. A pro- cess evaluation was completed to assess the feasibility of the implementation of HealtheSteps in primary care and community-based settings across Canada. Key informant interviews (program providers and participants) were conducted to identify facilitators and barriers to implementation and opportunities for future program adaptation and improvement. Forty-three interviews were conducted across five regions in Canada (15 sites ranging from remote, rural, suburban, and urban). Transcripts were analyzed using a qualitative naturalistic inquiry approach with several facilitating factors identified: pragmatic program design, in-line goals with sites’ mandates, and access to ongoing support. Barriers were related to administrative challenges such as booking space, personnel changeovers, and scheduling participants. Findings from this analysis revealed insights on program delivery, design, and importance of site champions. Key lessons learned focused on two areas: infrastructure support and pro- gram implementation. The application of these learnings from the HealtheSteps program may inform the development of strategies that can optimize program adaptation and support while reducing real and perceived barriers experienced, thus increasing the success of translation of the evidence-based diabetes program to different points of care.

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