The conference is the culminating event of the Cluster’s operation over the past 8 years, which aimed at promoting research that lead academics and policymakers to a clearer understanding of the relationship between population structure and the lives of individuals.

As the Cluster’s final event, the conference program is divided into two parts.

1. The “Taking Stock” will consist of presentations that synthesize various themes associated with the Cluster, with commentaries and discussions on:

  • Aging and paid Work
  • Health over the life course
  • Immigrants and migrants
  • Population composition: Aboriginal and Visible Minorities
  • Caregiving and social participation
  • Families
  • Aging, lifelong learning and life course flexibility

2. The “Looking to the Future” will consist of two panels on:

  • New data: sources, governance and infrastructure, analysis
  • Mega trends in population and people’s lives

Browse the contents of Taking Stock and Looking to the Future:

Preconference: Wednesday March 18, 2015
Day 1: Thursday March 19, 2015
Day 2: Friday March 20, 2015