2013 March 27-28 Event Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Victoria South Ballroom, 2nd Floor, 100 Kent Street, Ottawa

The event was organized around a meeting of the Leadership Group. As seen in the program, the first day consists of a conference on “Income, health, and social programs in an aging population”. In the morning of the second day, there are sessions on “Data and Collaboration,” a Consultation on LifePaths, Updates and Consultation involving the Executive Committee and Thematic Committee leaders, finishing with a Knowledge Mobilization Training.

Participation was by invitation, with an attendance of 106 persons over the two days. Participants included 45 from universities, 51 from partner agencies and 10 others. It is worth noting that participants from partner agencies included 15 Directors or Directors General, including 4 who made “Commentaries” at the conference, and 5 who presented in the “Data and Collaboration” and “LifePaths” sessions.

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