This synthesis project is motivated by the apparent neglect of visible minorities in Canadian health data and research. The main question is: Are visible minorities invisible in Canadian health data and research? To address this question, we assess the nature, extent, and range of data and research available on the health and health care access of visible minorities in Canada. Specifically, we summarize: (1) mortality and morbidity patterns for visible minorities; (2) determinants of visible minority health; (3) health status and determinants of visible minority older adult (VMOA) health; and (4) promising data sources that may be used to examine visible minority health in future research.

While we reviewed a large number of publications, we note that only 5 examined population-­‐level data to specifically compare visible minorities with white Canadians and just 2 distinguished between Canadian-­‐born visible minorities and foreign-­‐born visible minorities. In addition, because of data and methodological limitations, and differences in topics examined, findings are not easily comparable to provide a clear picture of visible minorities’ health.